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Un cosmos que danza | Jacobo Sucari

 “A Dancing Cosmos: Sufism, Music and Mysticism” is a documentary on music and Sufi dance and its presence in several Mediterranean countries. “A Dancing Cosmos” is an educative audiovisual with a poetic approach on the music, movements and gestures of the Sufi artist who considers himself as a vehicle of an expression that is not its own.

Live concerts and contributions by experts on Sufism bring us closer to the forms and contexts where music and words are the link to spiritual transcendence and an anthem to the deepest and most universal feelings of the human being.

Ficha Técnica:

Producción: La Trinxera Audiovisual. Guión y realización: Jacobo Sucari. Ayudante de realización: Javier Rubio Sanromà. Sonido: Lucca Rulfo. Prensa y relaciones públicas: Qadar Produccions Culturals SL. Asesoramiento lingüístico: Sara Epstein. Traducción castellano- Catalán: Ramon Sargatal i Pellicer. Una producción de La Trinxera Audiovisual con la colaboración del CONCA i Qadar Produccions Culturals SL.